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Odessa Marriage Agency

Almost all other websites pay their translators to write letters to you! Almost all other agencies pay their girls to chat with you! Many of the agencies with video chat don’t actually allow you to see the girl’s lips moving! Why? Because there is a translator sitting there typing and receiving money to communicate with you!

I personally dropped thousands of dollars before ever coming to Ukraine on dating and marriage agencies. I believed the media and the sales pitch! I thought Ukrainian and Russian girls were pining to meet an American man like me. I thought Russian and Ukrainian girls would fall to their knees for the opportunity to leave their poor country and come with me to live a better life in America. I thought Russian and Ukrainian girls were ready to follow me away from their horrible lives and their horrible county just for the opportunity to live a better life!

Then, I moved here. I began working here! I began learning the language and the culture. I began dating girls from here! And, I was heartbroken to find out that 99% of it was a sham!!! The first time I heard from a translator that none of her girls had even read the letters, my jaw hit the floor!!! I had poured my heart and soul into those letters over the previous 14 months!!! Now, I know the truth and my goal is to help you to learn the truth. Hence, I’ve created the Odessa Marriage Agency. Why?

I hate deceit. I hate insincere people. I hate hidden details. I am American and I like full disclosure. One of the most frequent compliments I consistently receive in my life is that people like the fact that I am sincere and honest. So, I am putting my money where my mouth is and starting a website to help men like me! MEN LIKE YOU!!! The Odessa Marriage Agency — I am disclosing the truth to you in an effort to make your life easier. My goal is to save you time, effort, energy, and money in your search by offering you the Odessa Marriage Agency.

Information is gold. I am giving you all of the information you need to succeed in your goal through the Odessa Marriage Agency. The truth is that girls here are more beautiful than girls in your home country. Girls here are more open to a large age difference between the man and the girl than girls in your home country. The girls here are almost always thinner than girls in your home country. Girls here are open to playing the role of the girl in a relationship with a man. The girl here expects you to make the major decisions in your relationship. Girls here tend to be slightly more home oriented than girls from your culture. If any of these things attract you, then by all means, join the Odessa Marriage Agency and allow the Odessa Marriage Agency to help you with your search.

At, we offer you the opportunity to meet girls who know about the scams and have decided that they are genuinely interesting in meeting foreign men. They are not looking for a free meal, a free night out on the town, a new dress, or for you to help them with their medical bills for their parents. They are looking for love. We cannot guarantee you that a girl with our Odessa Marriage Agency will fall in love with you, but we can set you up with the best chance for success. We can arm you with a Guide to Russian and Ukrainian Girls, and we can offer you a personal guide when you arrive here.

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Western Man's Guide


The Western Man’s Guide to Ukrainian Brides

The Western Man’s Guide to Russian & Ukrainian Brides is the only book of its kind in the world. There are lots of books that try to teach you how to attract Ukrainian girls. There are plenty of dating websites with explanations about the differences in culture and habits. But, this is the first book of its kind that helps the man to understand the thought process of Ukrainian girls.

What can a man do with this information? Most men who find this site, and find this book have already been to Ukraine multiple times, looking for a Ukrainian wife. If I am speaking about you, I understand that you might have been burned by scammers, or perhaps put together for expensive restaurant bills, taxis, hotels, etc. The Western Man’s Guide helps you to understand how to avoid these pitfalls, as well as find the good Ukrainian girls. There are plenty of good Ukrainian girls out there, but most of them are not on dating and marriage websites. That is why I am supporting our Odessa Marriage Agency. I know that they sincerely want to see you succeed in your quest to find a Ukrainian bride and use only serious girls who are interested in moving abroad with good guys like you.

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